Steviva Ingredients' standards for Non-GMO crystalline Fructose does not allow for any material that has been genetically modified in any phase of production. "No GMO", or products produced by or through the use of such organisms, are compatible with the principles of sweetener production either in the growing, processing or manufacturing phases.

The Steviva Ingredients guarantee is a process claim. It means that GMO’s are not permitted in any phase of production. Furthermore, every effort has been made to protect the product from contamination. This is done by product segregation, separation and system dedication.

Unavoidable Residual Environment Contamination (UREC) is always a factor in manufacturing. Unfortunately, the food manufacturing industry does not have sufficient data concerning GMO contamination; nor does there currently exist government action levels such as those established for GMO or pesticide residue levels. This means that some GMO’s may be present that are truly unavoidable. To the best of our knowledge, however Non-GMO crystalline Fructose is GMO Free.

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